Focusing on our people has allowed us to become who we are today.

Started in 1948, as a small General Contracting company, Allied has grown into a multi-faceted Family-Owned business that creates and fosters opportunity and success in all of our people.

Divided into 5 distinct operation groups, Allied provides a vast array of Facility Maintenance and Construction Services.

At the core of the company and each operating group, our focus is serving, developing, and growing the employees within.

With that “Employee Focused” mindset leading our way, we are driven to reach 1,000 active employees by 2030, so that we can have an even bigger impact on the employees, families, and communities we are involved in.

A major focus is put on finding and retaining like-minded employees, customers, and vendors that share our CORE VALUES which are:

People Helping People

People Helping People is a value that Team Allied breaths day-in and day-out. It is the drive and desire to help others succeed first, knowing that their success will bring success for the rest of the team. This value revolves around saying “yes” when a customer or team member needs assistance and not being concerned with how I will benefit.

People Helping People is Jeff Pouget helping a west-side field tech over the phone on an electrical issue until the middle of the night. And then, dropping everything else and hitting the road first thing the next morning to drive to the Grand Rapids area to help that same tech restore power to a customer's location after an electrical fire.

People Helping People is a service tech stopping on the side of the road to help another service tech change a flat tire not knowing who that tech was, but knowing someone at Allied needed help.

People Helping People is Mike Weiss going to meet and pick up another tech after an auto accident, while Mike was on PTO. No questions asked and no praise, thanks, or notice expected.

People Helping People is being willing to give someone more chances than anyone thinks is right hoping to help that person personally and professionally.

People Helping People is not for think for yourselfers. It is not a me first mentality. It is not about casting blame.


Betterment is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and committing to making changes for personal growth and the enrichment of people's lives around you.

Betterment is making yourself, people around you and the things you do tomorrow a little better than you did today. The willingness to try new things; a book, a daily routine, or action that creates positive improvement.

Betterment is the vulnerability to share those experiences so others have the choice, opportunity, and knowledge to experience a new journey of personal growth. Starting of a daily walking club; something so simple that allows comradery, a clarity break and something people are excited about and look forward to daily.

Betterment is a person deciding to educate themselves more by taking classes to gain more knowledge and understanding to give better guidance the next time his team needs help.

Betterment is deciding on a healthier lifestyle recruiting others to make the personal commitment. Resulting in groups joining a gym working out together, signing up for group races, runs, or just making exercise part of one's daily routine.


Adaptability is the willingness to proactively accept change to help keep progress moving. We have a passion to look for way to improve and get things done that has fueled our growth.

Adaptability is Mike Garret, Dan Fitzgerald being willing to take a spot on our overhead door on-call schedule before we even began training him to work on overhead door.

Adaptability is when COVID-19 hit Michigan Allied Eagle Supply had a week worth of record high supply orders. Many days almost double their previous high. The abs service team showed its adapt-ability to help them serve their customer by getting 6-7 trades men to deliver supplies for a week straight.

Adaptability is when Rachel Siwula came to Allied from Ferris State as a project manager. We decided to create this role which we now effectively call account manager. Rachel adapted to take on this roll and went on to be come an account manager manger. After building a team of people to make this vision come to life. Rachels life and family situation changed and Allied adapted and created a part time position known as doer of things so Rachel could use her knowledge to help develop policies and train others while having the time for her family she desired.


Humble is not caring about titles

Humble is being grateful for the work we receive

Humble is giving credit to others

Humble is not being too good for "that"

Humble is saying "Thank You"


FUN'TI is derived out of a combination of two words: Fun & Anti-Norm (a different kind of fun). The name itself and the way it is made up and spelled portrays the value. It is its own creation just like all of us. It's relaxed and doesn't have to follow what the rest of the world does.

FUN'TI is a combined mindset and a comfortableness you exhibit when working at Allied Building Service.

FUN'TI is an okness to not be a suit n' tie "guy".

FUN'TI is you showing up each day as you.

FUN'TI is "casualness all of the time" and not just Fridays.

FUN'TI is appropriate goofiness.